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Ecopanels is a company that's specialised in durable, healthy and safe warming. Our (nano) infrared-panels will save you about 40% or more on your heating costs. Our panels are ideal with solar and lightpanels. Scroll down for more information and be amazed.

What are Ecopanels?

Nano Infrared Panels

Natural infrared heating uses the same principle as the sun. Instead of heating the air which surrounds us - such as conventional heating systems which do - Ecopanels radiates through the air. Directly on humans, animals, walls and objects. This is thus perceived as heat. This ensures that the energy is used more efficiently. it creates a unique and pleasant heat, like the sun on your face on a cold winter day.

See an example of infrared panels here. Notice that the heat radiates in a wide direction. These panels will heat up persons and other objects. This gives you a very pleasant feeling of warmth.


Glass series

The glass series are beautiful glass panels with a luxury look. The glass series are available in powers from 350 to 700 watts.

350 w size 66x66 cm
500 w size 60x100 cm
700 w size 70x130 cm

Mirror series

The mirror panels are high quality materials and will fit in any bathroom. These panels are available in three different powers.

350 w size 66x66 cm
500 w size 60x100 cm
700 w size 70x130 cm

Pro series

The Pro series panels are the perfect solution for everyone looking for payable good heating. These panels are just like the Mirror series of high quality materials so you can enjoy Ecopanels for a very long time.

270 w size 30x90 cm
350 w size 60x60 cm
540 w size 60x90 cm
700 w size 60x120 cm
1000 w size 80x115 cm

Frameless series

These panels are even more beautiful. They have no frame so it will fit right in every room.

150 w size 32x62 cm
300 w size 60x60 cm
600 w size 65x100 cm
800 w size 70x125 cm

Art panels

Art panels can be printed with your own images. These panels are of the same quality as the Pro series.

Prices and sizes are available on request.

Round series

The mirror and steel versions both have a special round version what will look beautifully in your bathroom.

Mirror round :350 w size 70x70 cm
Steel round :500 w size 70x70 cm

Terras series

Ecopanels terrace series provide a pleasant warmth, does not show red glow and has an unobtrusive design.

1800 w size 105 x 15 x 6,3 cm
2400 w size 135 x 15 x 6,3 cm


Special thermostats for your Ecopanels

Wireless thermostat
Plug-in thermostat

Nano Boiler

Boilers for with your Ecopanels.

Etna 50 50 liter
Etna 75 75 liter
Etna 100 100 liter
Drukregelaar 6 bar

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